Safety Tips

  • Obey all traffic laws. Drive defensively, assuming that others do not see you. Do not compete others while driving in the coastal area (near pedestrians). Use approved hand signals for turning and stopping.
  • Always keep the front and rear lights on while riding after sunset.
  • Always wear a helmet. If you carry a child in a baby seat, also make sure your child wears an approved helmet.
  • Always wear shoes that are stable on your feet and offer good traction with the pedal. Do not drive barefoot or wearing sandals.
  • Do not ride with headphones. They cover the traffic sounds and prevent you from concentrating on proper driving. The wiring can also be entangled in the moving parts of the bicycle, causing you to lose control.
  • At BikeIT you will find the appropriate bike size that suits you. For more details please check the bike with a seller, preferably when the bike is handed to you.
  • Remember that you are sharing the road with other cyclists and pedestrians.
  • For safety and security reasons, it is not possible to rent a bike without the use of a valid ID/passport/driving license or any other official form of identification.